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About The Chairman

Empac was started by Derrick  the Chairman/Founder. His personal journey of knowing how it feels to have little, and how it feels to have much started his passion for giving. His love for giving always existed, but a great woman of God, Apostle Alice S. Martin ignited a fire in him to give more and created a strong foundation in him that is rooted in love, giving, and touching lives.


After, helping a few homeless men go from homelessness to stability he began to pray about making a greater difference in this world. His answer came from God to start his own non-profit organization and a men’s ministry. It is his vision to share his passion of sowing, prayer, and release knowledge and insight to his men’s ministry teaching them God’s plan. Derrick is well aware that this vision is greater than him but he knows when he follows God’s plan and word every promise will prevail.

His vision is to provide hope through sowing, empowerment, and by impacting lives through his organization. His motto is that in order to be blessed you must be a blessing! He always tells those he helps that when you are able, return the blessing by blessing someone in need. He is just an ordinary individual with a extraordinary vision that may be impossible with man but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) He is a man of purpose that is well-aware of God’s plan for himself, and wants to share his wisdom, insight, and help build others up through God’s plan


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Empac Men's Ministry

In order to get a Blessing, You have to be a Blessing


Empac Apparel

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EMPAC Leading Ladies

The word Empac stands for Empowerment Movement Passionate About Charity.


The Empac Nation’s founder has spent thousands of dollars helping the homeless population and other initiatives he cares about out of pocket before starting his own non-profit Empac Nation.


“Our motto is impacting lives one hug at a time The Empac Nation is based on the scripture Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible but, with God all things are possible”.We are passionate about giving and creating programs that will lift up our community and nation. It is our mandate and belief that we exist to help lives shine brighter and reach higher. The Chairman handpicked his board to be individuals that are passionate about giving and would lead with integrity and love.


We believe that an act of kindness, sowing a seed or touching someone’s life can impact a life and create lasting change. Our Empac team have committed ourselves to changing lives, and helping to lead others to join the movement of paying it forward. Our Empac leading ladies are visionaries with a passion for giving, providing hope, and touching lives.


Our leaders are Tiffany, President and De’Anna, Vice-President.
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