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Empowerment Movement Passionate About Charity

Empacting Lives One Hug at a Time

About EMPAC Nation

Empac was started by  Derrick  the Chairman/Founder. His personal journey of knowing how it feels to have little, and how it feels to have much started his passion for giving. His love for giving always existed, but a great woman of God,

Apostle Alice S. Martin ignited a fire in him to give more and created a strong foundation in him that is rooted in love, giving, and touching lives.


After, helping a few homeless men go from homelessness to stability he began to pray about making a greater difference in this world.


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We are stronger together, Help us Empac more lives for the kigndom


Empac Men's Ministry

In order to get a Blessing, You have to be a Blessing


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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide relief to those who face hardship, anguish and challenges while also providing empowerment, hope, and opportunities for abundance and advancement.


Our Vision Statement

 To become a leader in philanthropic giving by providing services through hunger relief, scholarships, elderly care, and resource provision while creating a lasting impact on every life we touch.

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